Sports fans who existed a few years ago were a much simpler beast compared to what they have evolved into now. In those times, fans were happy consuming their sports passively from a stadium seat or sofa, through magazines or newspapers. But with changing times, a myriad of ways started coming up for fans to satiate their sporting passions. Due to this, sports companies now have to work that much harder to reach their audiences who have now diversified to a multitude of platforms. Also, there are no takeaways for admirers these days despite being the biggest contributor in the world of desired unconditional fellowships.

This was the big challenge; to make something which would provide new avenues with rich potential that would extend reach across a multitude of fans and provide handsome commercial returns along with deepening engagement with fans.

This created a great opportunity for ‘minor’ sports and right holders of new dynamic sports products and events. These entities have engaged with fans only through previous methods of wide-exposure like television, which happened as a by-product of the fracturing media industry.

Nikhil Gandhi, Founder at FanGreets.

As I was conceptualizing new ideas for clients in the Sports Engagement and Entertainment Industry, I discovered that there was vast potential in the accredited systems that were yet to be tapped. As I worked with more and more sports teams, I also discovered that the amount of money spent on working out these fragmented propositions was absolutely massive, yet the output of their spending is relatively short-lived. Even rights holders and sponsors have been digging deep into sports now more than ever, to bring access to in-depth, access-all-areas coverage and use it to the maximum potential. All while engaging fans actively rather than to be consumed passively.

This niche in the Sports MarTech Industry has been untapped, which has made it a perfect setting for FanGreets to enter the arena. FanGreets is the world's first gamified monetization platform, with an exceptionally priced subscription model that aims to keep your true admirers engaged, helping you win their long-term loyalty adding a feeling of gratitude as well, which makes it a win-win situation for both parties. Rest assured, I would love it if you explored our platform and feel the difference for yourself.

Nikhil Gandhi
Founder, FanGreets
"You build brand value by reinforcing how special you are"