Tell me if this sounds familiar to you.

You meet up with a solutions company with a great product/service that has a great use-case for you which can potentially unlock new revenue streams or could potentially save you a ton of money.

But you have to say ‘No’ primarily because it is tough for you to get buy-ins from your senior management, their argument being that you would be entering an unfamiliar and untested territory with various unknown costs and efforts. They don’t know if the activity will generate any substantial returns for the business.

Deja Vu, right?

So much time and efforts are wasted (from both the brand custodians and solution providers) in crafting solutions for which you aren’t able to get the required buy-ins.

Don’t worry the panacea to your problem is ‘Revenue-Share Model’

This is a great way to create a risk-free trial method to build along with your solutions provider as it redistributes all the perceived risks between your brand and the solution provider instead of just the brand.

This works as the optimum solution for both the brand and solution provider.

Revenue Sharing Model Benefits

Solution Provider

Revenue Realisation during Trial

Better Alignment with Enterprise’s Goals

A deeper understanding of Enterprise’s functioning


Little to No Setup Cost

Acquire Domain Knowledge

Predictable Revenue Estimation

Data-Backed Business Case

In fact, we at Favcy imbibe into this philosophy and always build the revenue share business model into all our digital products that we create or co-create with creators in Favcy X (our digital accelerator arm)

Please feel to reach out to us see what solution suits your requirement for digital transformation, rest assured all solutions provided will enable you to start your journey with little to no risk at all.