Top 10 Fintech Companies In India

As its name suggests, fintech combines finance and technology. Technology is being used by many market participants to streamline financial services like loan, insurance, investment, trading, budgeting, and much more. 

Numerous businesses are concentrating on specialised industries as the fintech sector grows. It goes without saying that the development has been extremely quick. The best financial solutions may be found in India, which also has one of the oldest and richest cultures in the world. 

How To Find A Killer Idea For Your Startup?

India is the third largest startup ecosystem in the world. It has more than 60,000 startups flourishing throughout its states. The Indian economy is booming with endless opportunities making it indeed the best time to startup.

However, launching a startup requires dedication, consistency and a lot of innovation. The beginning of any successful startup is the development of a good and viable idea.

Looking For Ways To Turn An Idea Into A Startup? Here’s How You Can Do It

Around 90 percent of startups fail before seeing the light of day. With such dire numbers, most people are afraid of taking the leap of faith a successful startup needs. 

So, how does one turn their idea into a successful business? 

Ratan Tata Launches ‘Companionship’ Startup For Senior Citizens, Calls It ‘Goodfellows’

There are as many as 18 million homeless senior citizens in India, and the number is only increasing due to multiple factors.

According to the Longitudinal Ageing survey of India 2020, almost 5 percent of people aged 60 years and above faced some kind of abuse from their family members.

What Is A Freemium Business Model?

Freemium is a type of business strategy that provides users with free access to basic aspects of a product or service while charging a premium for extra or advanced capabilities.

The terms "free" and "premium" are combined to form this term.