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The Importance Of Digitalisation In Business Growth

If you don’t live under a rock, you would know how important digitisation is in today’s day and age. 

For the uninitiated, digitisation is an automation of manual and paper-based processes, along with digitisation of various information. Digitising helps an organisation to operate things faster, better, and cheaper. It’s win-win!

How Do I Fund My Startup?

90 percent of startups don’t see the light of day while only 10 percent of them survive the extremely competitive market. So, while you need an extraordinary idea to build a business, along with a plethora of resources that will make it work, you also need to know how to raise capital and find investors for your startup. 

So, if you are a founder who is struggling to do the aforementioned thing, you have come to the right place to figure it out! 

Ratan Tata Launches ‘Companionship’ Startup For Senior Citizens, Calls It ‘Goodfellows’

There are as many as 18 million homeless senior citizens in India, and the number is only increasing due to multiple factors.

According to the Longitudinal Ageing survey of India 2020, almost 5 percent of people aged 60 years and above faced some kind of abuse from their family members.

What Is A Freemium Business Model?

Freemium is a type of business strategy that provides users with free access to basic aspects of a product or service while charging a premium for extra or advanced capabilities.

The terms "free" and "premium" are combined to form this term.